Dwayne Johnson for President

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We are Completely Serious-- 
This Cannot Wait Until 2020

In late March, after we brought the Dwayne Johnson for President effort to the attention of the media, it got The Rock's attention. The Rock tweeted and the media swarmed. It was reported everywhere, from CNN to the NY Daily News, and far beyond. 

However, The Rock's tweets and some of the coverage was focused on a future election. "Maybe some day..." But that misses the point. It is right now--and fast--that we need The Rock. The country is heading towards a disastrous election and Dwayne Johnson is the only one who could launch a winning independent campaign in time. This is not a movement of The Rock's biggest fans, though they support it in droves. It is a combined effort of politically savvy people who have seriously analyzed the possibilities along with those who already know and love The Rock

So here is all we ask of The Rock: Tweet again, or contact the media. Just say that you are considering whether it might make sense for you to launch a 2016 campaign given the strong demand. Then see what happens. We are confident it will quickly become clear how thrilled and relieved Americans will be just to know you are giving it thought.

For the rest of you: Please reach out to The Rock and let him know this is serious and this is now: Election 2016. Through all social media you can access, to direct contacts, to letters to the editor, comments on every site you can, try to get to The Rock. Give him the link to www.dwayneforpresident.com

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